Conversion Note: 1 metric ton = 1.102 short tons

After several years of below average volume, the world’s tomato crop expects a second year of recovery in response to a more balanced supply position after global excesses in 2009. The processing tomato crop around the world is expected to increase by 4.4% to 41.602 million metric tons.

Additionally, a strong dollar is making regional tomato products more affordable. Removing California’s large crop, internationally 28.8 million MT of tomatoes are forecasted to be grown, up 5.9% from last year, according to the World Processing Tomato Council’s April report.


China is the wild card in this forecast, expecting a 6.5 million MT crop, an increase of 2.8% from last year. The increase in volume is likely driven by falling raw tomato prices.

Chinese processors must be careful not to over-produce. The May issue of Tomato News has a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing the Chinese tomato industry and its past volatility. In the article, Cofco TunHe executives publicly expressed their sentiment that “a harvest of more than 6 million tonnes this year in China would damage the industry, and aggravate market conditions, which are already difficult.”


The tomato crop from the five European Union countries that grow tomatoes is predicted to increase 3.3% to 9.8 million MT. Field prices of tomatoes are about the same as 2014.

Italy produces the lion’s share of the European crop at 5.05 million MT, up 2.2% this summer. Spain expects to process a tomato crop similar in volume to last year at 2.7 million MT.

Portugal’s growers plan for 1.25 million MT, an increase of 4.4% from the previous season, while France hopes to increase production 8.4% to 194,000 MT. Greece’s forecast of 520,000 MT is a 10.6% increase over 2014.


Jumping on the export opportunity bandwagon, Turkey forecasts a 39% increase in volume to 2.5 million MT, potentially producing 6% of the world’s 2015 tomato crop.

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