Industry leader in size and innovation.

At Morning Star, we consistently strive to improve quality, increase efficiency, expand our operations, and create sustainable pricing through new and innovative technology, economies of scale, and vertical integration. Morning Star supplies around 10% of the world’s ingredient tomato products, and has an average tomato paste production capacity that is three times that of the balance of the California industry. Our high level of innovation in vertically integrated operations allows us to identify and control costs, and pass these benefits on to our customers.

Three state-of-the-art factories.

Los Banos, California (South)

Built in 1990

Processing capacity – 31% equivalent tomato paste:

  • 665 tons/hour
  • 230,000 pounds/hour
  • Annual potential production of paste approximately 450 mil pounds
Williams, California (North)

Built in 1995

Processing capacity – 31% equivalent tomato paste:

  • 1,353 tons/hour
  • 460,000 pounds/hour
  • Annual potential production of paste approximately 800 mil pounds
Santa Nella, California (South)

Purchased and rebuilt in 2002

Processing capacity – *31% equivalent tomato paste:

  • 1,251 tons/hour
    • Conventional: 719 *paste | 112 diced
    • Conventional: 100 other
    • Organic: 200 *paste | 120 diced
  • 301,176 pounds/hour
  • Annual potential production:
    • *Paste approximately 660 mil pounds
    • Diced approximately 540 mil pounds

Leaders in the California industry.

Even our smallest facility is larger than the next largest California facility. Our scale, vertical integration, and state-of-the-art facilities, allow for reliable production at a high level, year after year.

Morning Star Growth
Reliable Supply - Tomato Factory Capacity Chart
Traditional finish terminology is unreliable.

Morning Star finishes are classified by visual method vs. screen size.

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A history of innovation.

Our founder was the first to build a tomato paste factory exclusively producing and selling ingredient tomato paste, bringing about major innovations in quality and efficiency.

In addition, Morning Star has led the industry in use of: