An enterprise built for decision making.

The Morning Star Company, and its enterprises, operate three tomato processing facilities in Central California, processing around 30% of the California crop, plus tomato transplant growing, transplanting, agricultural technology innovation, harvesting, and trucking operations. Employment is approximately 550 year-round and over 2,500 seasonal colleagues with annual sales exceeding $800 million. We are known worldwide for our innovation and integrity.

We are organizationally structured through a system we term Mission Focused Self-Management. Our company is operated by colleagues without titles or an appointed hierarchy of authority. Leadership is dynamic and situational and is taken based on competency and integrity. Each Colleague has a personal commercial mission and is the manager of their mission. They must think on their feet and solve problems quickly.

Colleague Principles and Values.

Here at Morning Star, we pride ourselves on creating the highest level of commitment, which cultivates a reputation for honesty and integrity. Upon joining, our colleagues commit to the following:

Career opportunities.

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