Dedicated organic line for all season processing.

Morning Star offers a processing line fully dedicated to organics and specialty products at our Santa Nella facility. With a paste and diced production capacity of 320 tons/hour, we can deliver organic tomato products all season long. This reliability comes from sourcing our organic tomatoes throughout the season, instead of the beginning when they may not be at peak quality or of reliable yield.

2023 Morning Star Organic Growing Regions

Comprehensive Organic Product Offering

Diversified sourcing for product security.

The majority of our organic tomatoes are sourced from California’s southern growing regions. This region’s climate is more reliable for all-season organic processing. It also produces better color and a more flavorful organic tomato, which has been proven through a grading process performed by a third-party organization: the Processing Tomato Advisory Board (PTAB).

All the tomatoes we process – organic and conventional –
are packaged within four hours of harvest to ensure optimal freshness.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

We have the ability to pack many more organic tomato ingredient products.

Please contact our Liberty Packing facility to discuss specific organic products that will benefit your company.

Liberty Packing Company (Santa Nella): +1 209.826.7100