Conversion Note: 1 metric ton = 1.102 short tons

 historical global productionThe World Processing Tomato Council’s preliminary total of 41.25 million metric tons (MT) for the 2015 crop is an increase from the 39.9 million MT produced in 2014.

Italy increased their production this year to 5.3 million MT, up from 4.9 million MT in 2014. Italy benefitted from a quick start after a July heatwave; unfortunately, Brix suffered as a result. Average yield in Italy was 75 MT/ hectare (ha) with average Brix of 4.86.

Spain enjoyed a healthy crop this year, producing their new record production of 3.05 million MT, an increase from 2014’s 2.7 million MT. The heatwave that affected Italy did not have the same impact on yields in Spain, averaging 90 MT/hectare.

China’s 2015 production comes in at 5.6 million MT, an 11% reduction from the 2014 production of 6.3 million MT. Rain and heat both caused China’s crop to suffer in both yield and Brix. Average yield was down 20% from 2014, ranging from 70-90 MT/ha and average Brix was 4.87. The majority of farmers in Xinjiang lost a portion of their 2015 crop, indicating a potential decrease in production for 2016.

2015 processed tomato productionPortugal made a healthy comeback in 2015 after two bad crop years. Production finished at 1.659 million MT. Average yields were 100 MT/ha and Brix averaged 5.2.

The Turkish crop production made a comeback after last season’s 1.8 million MT to finish at 2.7 million MT. Yields increased to 140 MT/ha. Speculators believe that if September and October rain had not affected the crop, final production could have been even higher.

Tunisia’s crop enjoyed higher yields of 62 MT/ha, an increase from 2014’s 53 MT/ha for a total production of 1.25 million MT. Brix averaged 4.8.

Canada experienced a rough start to their 2015 season with rain and disease issues; however, crop production estimates finished up on target at 400,000 MT.

Iran had a reduction in production by 40% and produced 1.35 million MT in 2015. Heatwaves and reduced planting, in addition to fresh exports to Iraq, were the cause of this reduction in processed tomato totals.

All in all, global production continues the trend of increased totals, climbing from 33 million MT in 2013 to 39.9 million MT in 2014, to 41.25 million MT in 2015.

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