Morning Star High School Talent Program

Morning Star is always looking for ways to expand upon our talented group of colleagues. Our success and sustainability as a company are a testimony to their dedication and accomplishments. Some discovered Morning Star later in their career; however, some began their time with us directly out of high school.

Each colleague’s journey and personal development within the company is achieved through their own will and determination; however, the role of a mentor plays an integral part in guiding that journey towards growth and success.

This mentorship philosophy became the backbone of Morning Star’s High School Talent Program, developed from a desire to offer high school graduates a unique career opportunity while at the same time considering the future of our talent base. The design of the program pairs students with an experienced Morning Star colleague who becomes their primary mentor for a year. Classroom time is replaced with hands-on, one-on-one training tailored to that student’s learning style. From the day they begin to the last day of their program, their mentor is right by their side, ensuring the development of a well-rounded foundation upon which they can build a career.

Three students participated in our program this 2022 season, and each has their own unique experience to share.


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