Conversion Note: 1 metric ton = 1.102 short tons

2013 DEVIATION FROM INTENTIONSAt 33.2 million metric tons (MT), global production was off 7.2% from February intentions of 35.8 million MT. Most of the world’s big production regions suffered sizable losses due to weather.

China’s production of 3.85 million MT was 14.4% below fore‐ casts of 4.5 million MT. China’s season was shortened as cool temperatures delayed the start and rains in September ended the harvest early. Prices for Chinese tomato paste have risen in response to the short crop.

Italy battled poor yields and green tomatoes all season. At 4 million tons, production fell be‐ low intentions by 12.4%. The northern growing region experienced its worst field yields in a decade. A cold and wet spring delayed planting, and the crop was never able to recover. Even the central and southern Italian growing regions reported yields below normal due to the unfavorable weather.

Portugal’s season was short as rains delayed the start of the harvest and ended it in Septem‐ ber. Factories ran at 80% capacity most of the season. With one million MT produced, Portugal fell 16.7% below intentions targeted in February.

Despite a late start, Spain found its season rather normal and produced 1.67 million MT.

The big winner for the 2013 season was Turkey, beating February intentions by 2.4%. At 2.15 million MT, Turkey processed its second-largest crop on record due to excellent weather.

Chile also hopes to be a big win‐ ner by taking advantage of its alternate season. In September, while the harvest in the northern hemisphere suffered, Chile planted extra fields. Their har‐ vest begins in mid‐January and ends in April. Chilean growers plan to deliver 870,000 MT, a 28% increase from last year.

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