Meet Kristin Garrido: Colleague of The Morning Star Company since 2018.

Kristin is a force of nature, known for her infectious smile, boundless energy, and a heart that beats for life’s experiences.

Her journey into Morning Star began in December 2018 with a simple goal – to be a full-service tomato ingredient supplier to our unique customers, providing top-notch services and supply chain solutions. She hit the ground running and quickly built lasting relationships and expanded her outreach with unwavering optimism.

She first learned of Morning Star through her husband, Javier Garrido, a current colleague of Morning Star. She also witnessed the dedication of her in-laws, Laura De La Garza and Christian Garrido, who have been with the company for over two decades. This family connection reassured her that she was joining something truly special.

Within Morning Star and at home, Kristin finds constant support from her husband, Javier, as well as her in-laws, Laura and Christian, who are not only family but also her biggest cheerleaders and mentors. She is also mom to one very spoiled dachshund named Watson, who, fun fact, had his debut as a pet model for Morning Star’s hotel, Hotel Mission de Oro.

Before Morning Star, Kristin’s career in Sales and Service taught her valuable skills in issue resolution and personalized customer experiences. She quickly learned how to master adapting her communication style and fostering lasting customer relationships.

As the eldest of three siblings, Kristin embraced early on the importance of supporting her younger siblings, Chelsea and Nicholas. With both siblings now having children of their own, being an aunt has brought her immeasurable joy.

Beyond work, Kristin’s adventures reflect her vibrant spirit. She’s conquered the Pacific Crest Trail, not a feat easily taken on, volunteered teaching English and math in Uganda, and found her true self in the great outdoors. Hiking is a passion of hers. It allows her time to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and dream of the future. She feels like the best version of herself out on the trail.

As you may have noticed, Kristin is driven by her commitment to health and well-being with a keen interest in longevity and geroprotective activities. She fully expects to live well into her 90s!

Kristin can be described as a multifaceted individual with a passion for reading, board games, and global vegetarian cuisines. Her love for culture and adventure fuels her exploration of new horizons. As she envisions the next decade, Kristin dreams of continued growth at Morning Star, more travel with her husband, and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

Kristin Garrido isn’t just a colleague; she’s a heartwarming presence in our Morning Star family. We’re proud to have her with us and look forward to the remarkable future she’ll create.


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