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Lycopene Resources

Tomato and Health Web Site
National Cancer Institute Lycopene Page
Prostate Cancer and Lycopene
Lycopene and Cardiovascular Disease
British Heart Foundation
Mayo Clinic Lycopene Research
BBC Report on Lycopene and Cancer
Tomato Products and Prostate Cancer
Harvard: Lycopene and Prostate Cancer
List of Foods High in Lycopene
National Nutritional Foods Association
Penn State Lycopene Research
Lycopene and Disease Prevention
Prostate Cancer / Lycopene Clinical Trial
Genetic Analysis of Lycopene
Lycopene and Vitamin E Research
Scientific Overview of Lycopene
Blemished Tomatoes and Lycopene
Stresses affecting Lycopene
Purdue University Lycopene Research
Phytic Acid and Lycopene
American Cancer Society Research
USA Weekend Magazine: Lycopene
Dark Red Ketchup Boosts Lycopene Levels
Lycopene Levels and Seed Quality
Microscopy View of Lycopene
Lycopene & Other Tomato Components
Superfoods: The Tomato
A Better Tomato
CDC: Tomatoes
Lycopene Fights Infertility
Breeding Tomatoes to Boost Lycopene Content
Tomato Sauce and Heart Attack Prevention
Tomatoes, Lycopene, and Prostate Cancer
Lycopene and Breast Cancer
Lycopene and Blood Pressure
Lycopene and Atherosclerosis
Tomato Lycopene and its Role in Human Health and Chronic Diseases
Role of Antioxidant Lycopene in Cancer and Heart Disease
Dietary Lycopene, Tomato-Based Food Products and Cardiovascular Disease in Women
Lycopene and Diabetes
Therapeutic Effect of Lycopene-rich Tomato Juice on Cardiac Disorder
Scientific Study on the Health Effects of Processed Tomato Products
Effects of Lycopene on Mice with Atherogenic Diets
Lycopene and Pancreatic Cancer
Tomatoes, Tomato-Based Products, Lycopene, and Cancer
Lycopene, Tomato Products, and Prostate Cancer Prevention
Extraction of Lycopene Concentrate as Food Ingredient
FDA Approves Qualified Health Claim on Tomatoes and Tomato Sauces

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